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Established in 2014, we are an independent artisan bakery, cafe, and kitchen; Serving up an ambitious and internationally inspired menu. We strive to cook and bake from scratch using slow food artisanal methods and well sourced ingredients to ensure creativity, quality and deliciousness on each component of a dish or product.

Our company values are reflected in our product, our service style, our venues and our working cultures in our staff teams.


Accessibility & Inclusivity

We strive to curate accessible and attractive venues; and provide a customer experience that is casual but attentive, with staff encouraged to be warm, friendly and to have freedom to express their own personality.


We’re committed to building on our current processes where we consider environmental sustainability of all aspects of our sourcing, production and waste management. All takeaway product is served using compostable packaging, our food waste is used to make compost for yorkshire farmers and we actively explore ways in which our production processes can be as energy efficient as possible.


We champion traditional baking methods to create quality products that are consistently delicious and appealing. Our front of house and bakery teams work closely together to respond to ensure a dynamic and innovative counter offer. In our kitchens we prepare fresh seasonal produce on a daily basis, with an emphasis on added value process.


Our venues are situated in vibrant areas of Sheffield, in proximity to other local businesses that we love to connect and collaborate with. We use our platform and voice to signpost our guests to projects we’re passionate about and things we love.